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Our Mission

The Pitmasters' Guild's mission is simply to recognise and promote the experience of outdoor cooking along with the UK businesses that produce outstanding quality ingredients and products to enhance this experience. 

We want to contribute to the (pretty amazing) outdoor cooking community and help people no matter their budget, experience or situation.

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Our Values

First and foremost, we love outdoor cooking, it brings people moments of calm, an appreciation of what you eat and brings families and friends together. The core values that guide what we do and how we do it are;

  • Community - If someone needs help or guidance we will be there. The UK BBQ community is an amazing place and we will always keep people at the heart of what we do. Working with others is a joy and central to what we do.

  • Quality - Sourcing the best UK Ingredients and products is what we pride ourselves on.  Our rigorous taste-testing and product quality testing ensures we can recommend the best products so people know they are getting quality and those producers get the recognition they deserve.

  • Sustainability - Why look overseas for ingredients and products when the UK is full of quality ingredients, products and people? As we grow we want to make positive contributions to the environment around us.

  • Inclusive and Accessible - No matter your budget, experience or circumstances we aim to make outdoor cooking enjoyable and achievable for everyone.

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Our Vision

We see The Pitmasters' Guild as becoming the UK's leading champion for quality UK producers of all things outdoor cooking.


We want to help people find the best ingredients, tips and products to enhance their outdoor cooking experience and make it easy and accessible for all.

Put simply, we want to showcase what the UK Outdoor Cooking community has to offer and encourage more people cooking outdoors and considering how they source their food.